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Our Services

We are dedicated to assisting Veterans nationwide obtain the benefits they have earned. Our role is to make the challenging process of applying for disability rating increase from the VA easier for our clients. We do this by linking our clients with local doctors who are experienced in VA claim procedures. When veterans pursue a disability rating increase, it's a crucial for them to undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation by a provider who's well-versed in VA DBQ's. This ensures that their service-related disabilities are accurately recorded. Precise documentation empowers Veterans to submit thorough and detailed evidence along with their disability claims.

The DBQ Process

If you elect to use our service, you will work with a Benefit Consultant to review your current disabilities. The rest of our highly-trained staff will ensure that you feel confident in our ability to assist you. throughout the process. You will be scheduled for an in person examination with a medical provider who will perform the necessary exams, and complete all of your Disability Benefits Questionnaires.

Submit Your Claim

After a thorough final review of your signed documents, we will then provide you with your Disability Benefits Questionnaires. We offer helpful and detailed instructions, so you fell confident in submitting your claim to the VA. We also ensure that once submitted, the VA gives proper weight to the documents submitted within your claim.

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